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"I want you to know that we continually use your report in many ways. We have been reviewing and making changes in our policies and we have been looking at rate structures and use of wells. In various ways, the information we got from your study has been very helpful and something the Board members respond to very positively."

Gary McFarland
District Engineer
Goleta Water District


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The cost of Water Loss through metering problems may be 2 to 30 times more costly than the direct cost of underground leakage.

The JBS Way

The innovative approaches, new techniques and methods employed by JBS to identify and quantify water loss, and the efficient operation of water distribution systems have been developed and refined for over 34 years.  These proven techniques have been developed from completing hundreds of projects across North, South and Central America, Southeast Asia, Caribbean Islands and Europe.  In recent years we have seen the introduction of new terminology for water loss.  However, the tools and instrumentation used to identify water loss have advanced, but the underlying reasons and solutions have not changed.

Production Meter Tests

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The first step in the JBS Water Audit is the verification of total water produced.  Production meters are tested in-place for accuracy.

Historical Consumption Analysis

Historical meter reading and billing analysis is the only method that will identify the various categories of water loss associated meter problems, meter reading and billing issues.   Every metered account is thoroughly analyzed and all components of the meter reading and billing cycles reviewed.  

Large Meter Analysis

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It is not uncommon for 5% of the customers to record 50% of the water use.  The JBS Meter Analysis identifies, sizing issues, meter installation and application problems and offers cost effective solutions.

Physical Inspection of All Large Meters

lrg mtr insp
All large meter assets are physically inspected and a photographic database is developed to assist in future condition assessment, meter testing and repair or replacement programs.

Data Logging of Meter Use Patterns

data logging
Based on the results of the Meter Sizing Analysis and Physical Inspections, select meters are further analyzed using rate of flow recorders to develop diurnal patterns of the flow.  Selected data logging is used to verify the JBS Sizing Model.

Small Meter Analysis

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The JBS Small Meter Analysis will provide direction in meter replacement with an objective review of the cost-effectiveness of AMR technology.
Meter Asset Management Analysis

 geocoding meters
(GIS) has replaced pin maps and  JBS utilizes the full extent of this technology to increase the identification of meter assets that may be causing decreasing revenues.  The JBS Meter Analysis is an essential component of a successful water loss project.  

Line Break Analysis

GIS Leakage

Historical leak records, with the proper location information, provide valuable insight into problem areas in a water system.  

Identifying Areas for Leakage Potential

District Measurement

The science of leak detection is labor intensive.  Through proper planning, as much as 50% to 80% of the distribution network can be eliminated from costly leak surveys.  Diurnal patterns and minimum night flows are established to identify the Leakage Potential and the Economic Level of Leakage (ELL) control.

Leak Detection and Location

new leak instruments
JBS utilize state of the art leak detection instrumentation in our surveys.

A comprehensive cost analysis is the most effective method to determine the actual Economic Level of Leakage (ELL) for any utility. Leak detection efforts will be based on the results of the line break analysis and minimum night flow tests.  The JBS Leak Survey will be conducted on each hydrant, valve and service connection.

Our reports will identify the condition of the distribution system assets, review policies and procedures affecting meter management, efficiency and revenue.  We evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of current meter replacement and maintenance schedules.  Prepare a cost analysis to evaluate the performance capabilities of current meters and recommend sizes and type of meters.  Meter payback periods will be estimated based on meter size and meter reading technology.

Our reports reflect the current AWWA Metered Ratio Concept and the proposed AWWA/IWA concept.

Current AWWA/IWA Water Audit Definitions
AWWA/IWA Water Balance

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