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Travel Logs

Corpus Christi - (PDF)

Rockport, Texas - (PDF)

Pecos Historical National Park - (PDF) - "...Old , abandoned homesteads frequented many of the roads we traveled."

Petit Jean State Park - (PDF)

Pelicans & La Lomita Chapel - (PDF) - "...Pictures taken on the drive to the Rio Grande Valley."

Chapel Hill & Bluebonnets - (PDF) - "...Annual Looze Knuts Good Friday Bike Ride and Wildflowers of Chapel Hill."

Palo Duro Canyon - (PDF) - "...Ice covered the vegetation on the rim of the canyon."

Pecos River Overlook - (PDF) - "...Pecos River facing east."

Canyon de Chelly - (PDF) - "...Outside of Kanab, Utah."

Canyonlands National Park - (PDF)

MOAB | Potash Canyon - (PDF) - "...An easy 40 mile bike ride from the hotel in Moab on Hwy 279. The road parallels the Colorado River on one side and red rock bluffs shooting upward hundreds of feet on the other side."

Chipinque National Park - (PDF) - "...Shots taken from Monterrey, Mexico."

Monterrey Cathedral - (PDF)

Seminole Canyon State Park - (PDF) - "...Sunset at SCSP"

Border Raider Bike Ride - (PDF) - "...90 climbs in 30 miles -"Serpentines Back" -between Hamburg, Iowa and Maryville, Missouri"

Brushy Creek Municipal Utility District - (PDF)

Garner State Park - (PDF) - "...Frio River"

Guadalupe Peak - (PDF) - "...Looking down on El Capitan"

DALMAC - (PDF) - "...On the way to Gaylord."

Fort Davis Cyclefest - (PDF) - "...Top of Sawtooth."

Texas Wildflowers - (PDF) - "...Shots taken from bike rides."

Adventure Grandpa's Chaco Canyon Bike Tour - (PDF) - "...Total distance covered on the bike, about 9 miles. Elapsed time, about 4 hours. Raul summed it up by saying the "best and slowest nine mile bike ride we have ever done"."

Bandelier National Monument - (PDF)

Moab & Canyonlands - (PDF)

Wildflower Pictures - (PDF) - "...Life is short, " Take time to smell the Roses -in this case the Texas Wildflowers""

Arkansas MS 150 Bike Ride & Hikes - (PDF) - "...Cedar Falls."

Chiptin Mexico - (PDF) - "...Raul, Maria, Steven, Bonnie, & Jim before the decent."

Bike Tour Colorado - (PDF)

Adventure Granda Bicycle Tour - (PDF) - "...Once we left the rest stop, we started taking off layers of clothes, since it had warmed up considerably. Beautiful scenery down below in the valley. We passed over the Headwaters of the Rio Grande River."

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