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"We had three times payback in the first year following completion of the Water Audit."

Billy Dick
Public Works Director
City of Rockport, Texas

JAS Leak Detection


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Not All Meter Replacement Programs Are Cost-Effective.

Not All Leak Detection Programs Are Successful or Cost-Effective.

Not All Unaccounted For Water (UFW) or Non Revenue Water (NRW) is Cost-Effective to Go After.

Metering May Have No Impact on Conservation if User Fees Are Not Set Properly.

Large Meters Have a Tendency to Mask The Overall Metered Ratio.


Our Services

JBS offers unique technical services to the water industry aimed at maximizing distribution system efficiency and revenue.   JBS understands the changing internal dynamics of individual water systems and we structure our services to meet the needs of the client and we avoid the "recipe book" approach suggested by some in the industry.
The JBS Water Audit
For over 30 years JBS has completed comprehensive water audits and water loss reduction programs for clients all over the world. Our knowledge and know-how are based on time proven methods that have been developed from hands-on field experience. 

Meter Management and Sizing
Appropiate water meter management and sizing are the most cost effective programs a utility can undertake.  Typical asset management programs are structured to concentrate on the treatment plant, pumping stations and piping in the distribution system.  Such programs neglect the revenue benefits of improved metering.  Water meters are a system's most valuable key performance indicator and are regarded as such by JBS in all our projects.

Production Meter Testing and Analysis
JBS has completed hundreds of production meter accuracy tests on four continents.  We have seen and tested every brand and type on the market today.  The heart of any water loss study must start with verification of the production figures.  Without this vital element any analysis is left with poor estimates of the potential water loss.  We offer spot accuracy tests or longer term 24-hour tests.

Underground Leakage Analysis and Surveys
JBS leak surveys encompass sounding on all hydrants, valves and services.  Pinpointing of leaks is accomplished with either acoustic sounding or state of the art leak correlation equipment.  JBS offers database development of historical leak locations and detailed geographic analysis identify sections within the distribution system where replacement or repair can be implemented for the greatest loss reduction.

Training - Water Loss and Meter Application
JBS training programs have been presented through the AWWA and other professional associations to over 8,000 people in the United States, Canada, Southeast Asia, Central and South America.  We can provide these training seminars to your utility or association.

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