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In 2004, the City of Cleveland, Ohio, Meter Section conducted a Water Meter Sizing Pilot Project. JBS Associates, LLP was instrumental in providing important detailed information for the selection of potentially oversized commercial water meters. Their expertise in area of water loss analysis, specifically meter sizing, allowed us to take full advantage of our project.

Stanley J. Dobrowski Former Superintendent of Distribution
Meter Section
Division of Water
Cleveland, Ohio


JBS Water Inc. 4715 Strack Rd.
Suite 114
Houston, Texas


Large Meters have a tendency to Mask the Overall Metered Ratio.

Over 70% of 1-inch and larger meters have a sizing issue.


Water Meter Management and Sizing

JBS developed a Meter Management Application and Sizing Program in the early 1980's.  This program was sponsored as a Seminar series for the American Water Works Association (AWWA), the National Rural Water Association, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), many state water agencies, as well as hundreds of water utilities across the United States.   Our experience is based on analysis  of literally millions of water meter records and thousands of physical inspections and meter accuracy tests.  The most expensive water loss is associated with METER ERROR, it occurs at the RETAIL RATE

Comprehensive Metered Consumption Analysis.  The metered consumption analysis is the heart of any water loss, water conservation study or rate analysis. The historical data developed and analyses completed during this task identify specific areas where earned revenue may be slipping between the cracks.   These analyses are critical to water demand profiling, decreasing water use analysis, rate studies, meter sizing and application, hydraulic modeling and master planning. 

A JBS Consumption Analysis is a detailed examination of every metered account and includes:

Asset Management

Decreased Use 1995 2004
The depth of historical billing data allows detailed analysis of Meter Assets that are slowly decreasing your revenue stream.


JBS Water Meter Management programs also offers detailed condition assessment of water meter assets.  

Live Expectancy
The total metered throughput and theoretical life expectancy identify asset life cycles for scheduling replacements.

Meter Sizing

A JBS Water Meter Sizing Analysis includes all meters regardless of size in the billing database.  Mis-applied, oversized and undersized meter applications can result in unrecorded water, lost revenue and increased asset costs.  JBS uses a proprietary meter sizing program to assist in the cost analysis and meter sizing recommendations.    

meter sizing
Meter Sizing Summary

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