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"By following the recommendations of the Water Audit, we had 10 times payback the first year."

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If you don't start with accurate production figures, you are left with estimates and balancing errors.

Verifying the distribution system input volume is the first task in any Water Loss Study or Water Conservation Program.  

Production Meter Testing and Analysis

PCR setupJBS ManometerJAS Ultrasonic

In JBS's long experience, the first step to understanding Unaccounted For Water is the verification of production meter accuracy.   If water production is not accurately measured, a utility has no idea of the magnitude of the water and revenue loss.  JBS personnel have been involved in production meter testing, analysis and application worldwide.
Different Situations Call for Different Methods

PCR manhole

Insertion pito and Differential Pressure

Production Meters can be tested at different pump combinations and over different periods of demand to develop diurnal patterns.   The data is recorded and stored on a data logger for later retrieval and analysis.

Manometer Test
Insertion pito and Manometer

The manometer test.  The U-tube manometer is recognized by National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) as a primary standard due to its inherent accuracy and simplicity of operation.

Portable Strap-On Ultrasonic.  

JBS also utilizes strap-on portable ultrasonic test meters where a  tap into the pipe is impractical.  The data is recorded and stored on a data logger for later retrieval and analysis.


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