One drop per second equals 3 gallons per day of water wasted.

How many pipe joints, valves, hydrants, or meter settings do you have in your system that may be leaking more than one drop per second?


Leaks come in all sizes

Main Break Hwy

And in the worst places


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Leak Detection - A Skill That Only Comes From Hands On Experience:

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Leak Detection Assessment and Training

Leak Detection
JBS Water have completed thousands of miles of leak detection across the world.  Our staff have used and/or owned most equipment on the market today.  Leak detection is an art that must be learned through experience and only through hands-on experiences.

Analysis We provide database development and GIS analysis of historical main and service leaks to aid in underground asset repair and/or replacement analyzes.

Surveys - Listening surveys that just sweep blocck corner to block corner or hydrant to hydrant will miss the numerous small leaks that occur in all water distribution systems, especially service line leaks. JBS provides comprehensive leak detection surveys.

Training - We have provided leak detection trainiing seminars and equipment evaluation to over 8,000 people in over 100 cities across 4 continents.  

JBS utilizes state of the art leak detection instrumentation in our surveys.  The JBS Leak Survey will be conducted on each hydrant, valve and service connection.

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