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The KEY to effective control of water and revenue loss is a complete program with direction and practical economic models.


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"We had a 10 times payback the first year by following the recommendations of the Water Audit."

Jim Nuse
City Manager
Round Rock, Texas

About JBS Water

JBS Water experienced staff provides fee-based consulting services specifically designed to cost effectively improve water system accountability and the capture of earned water utility revenues. The firm was organized in its present structure in 1988 and is headquartered in Houston, Texas.

Headed by James B. Smith, founder and President and assisted by James Schiele, Vice-President, the firm delivers proven, professional services developed through intensive and extensive work in a broad range of large and small water utility systems in the United States, Latin America, Europe and Southeast Asia. In addition, our training seminars have been attended by more than 8,000 water professionals worldwide. 

JAMES B. SMITH - President  -  Mr. Smith has 37 years of extensive experience in water distribution system studies, including water audits, meter audits, leakage surveys, and water and sewer rate adjustments. His diverse professional experience, in addition to that in the private sector, includes employment with both state and local government agencies while working on four continents.

He has progressively developed and modified programs dealing with water and meter auditing concepts. He has presented training programs to over 8,000 people in the United States, Canada, Southeast Asia, Central and South America.

From his experience in working with several hundred utilities, Mr. Smith understands the changing internal dynamics of individual systems. Smith has developed several fresh approaches to water conservation needs and to the reduction of unaccounted for water losses. These techniques are the result of years of diverse hands on experience.

Papers/Presentations - James B. Smith:
2010 TCEQ Public Drinking Water Conference - "The Value of NRW"
to 2007
Texas Water Utility Association - "Development of a Cost Effective Water Loss Reduction Program"
2005 Texas Rural Water Association - "Establishing an Effective Water Loss Reduction Program"
1999 AWWA - Conserve 99 Conference -
"Unaccounted for Water - Costs and Benefits of Water Loss and Revenue Recovery in Four Vermont Municipal Water Systems".
1997 University of Wisconsin "The Impact of Unaccounted for Water on Water Conservation".
1994 Philippine Pipeline "Which Small Meter is Best for MWSS Class B or Class C?"
1993 AWWA Research Foundation San Jose, CA "Leakage Control Systems". Part of a cooperative research report between the AWWA Research Foundation and the Japan Water Works Association.
1992 AWWA National Conference, Vancouver, B.C. "Establishing an Effective Water Loss Reduction Program".
1991 AWWA National Conference, Philadelphia "The Water Audit Cost Effective Direction?"

1990 Texas Rural Water Association "The Metered Ratio The Great Hoax?"
1989 University of North Carolina World Bank Seminar "Developing an Effective Water Loss Reduction Program".
1988 University of Wisconsin "Importance of Metering in Controlling Non Revenue Water".
1987 AWWA DSS "Reducing Unaccounted For Water and Increasing Revenue". Also published in Puerto Rico and North Carolina in 1988 as a part of their respective annual meetings.
1986 AWWA DSS "Leak Detection and Reduction of Unaccounted for Water".

JAMES A. SCHIELE - Vice President  -  Mr. Schiele has over 30 years of water industry experience in North and South America, as well as Europe and South East Asia. He has acquired wide experience in consulting services, training, customer support and marketing activities related to water loss analysis.  His expertise includes flow measurement, subsurface pipeline surveys, development of in-house water loss recovery programs, instrumentation for leak detection, data logging and pipe locating.

In 1993, Mr. Schiele joined the JBS Water consulting group and has since participated in the management, development and supervision of water audits and leak detection projects for JBS Water in the United States, Brazil, Mexico, Panama and the Philippines.  During his career he has presented well received papers on subjects related to water loss recovery both nationally and internationally.

Papers - James A. Schiele:
2007 ACODAL - International Seminar on The Water Balance and Technologies for the Development of Non Revenue Water Loss Programs, Cali, Colombia.
2004 AIDIS-USA Seminar on Unaccounted-for Drinking Water - "Development of a Water Loss Recovery Program in Culiacán, Mexico"
2001 As a result of successful development of an in-house unaccounted for water loss recovery program for our client, the Culiacán, Mexico Municipal Water and Wastewater System was a top ten finalist in a national award program for progressive municipal government agencies, This award was promoted by the Ford Foundation and Mexico's Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas (CIDE).
1999 IMTA (Instituto Mexicano de Tecnología del Agua) 7th International Seminar on Water Loss Reduction, Guanajuato, Mexico - "Experiences in the Reduction of Water Losses in 10 Cities in the State of Guanajuato"
1993 AWWA Research Foundation - San Jose, CA - "Leakage Control Systems" - Co-authored a cooperative research report between the AWWA Research Foundation and the JWWA (Japan Water Works Association).

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