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Compound Meter Rate of Flow

Is a Meter Sizing Problem Resulting in Unrealized Revenue?

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Are old meter assets the cause of your water or revenue loss?


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"Our revenue increase was nearly double what was projected."

David Paulissen
Former GM
Trinity Bay Conservation District

JAS Leak Detection

Small Leaks Add Up Over Time

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Big Leaks Cause Immediate Problems

What Can JBS Water Do For You ?

JBS provides fee-based technical consulting services designed to reduce unaccounted for water (UFW), enhance meter asset management (MAM), meter data management (MDM) and metering efficiency, as well as to improve system leakage control and provide water and sewer rate review data for decision makers.  Staff training can be provided for the on-going capture of lost revenue and water resources. 

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JBS staff did not become "experts" over-night.  Each staff member has more than 30 years of intensive experience helping clients by utilizing the insight, unbiased perspectives, and knowledge gained through the years serving the water industry in the U.S. and overseas.

September 2010 Newsletter - (What is the cost of Non Revenue Water?)

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